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Learn Your Soul's Gifts and Abilities
So You Can Know the Truth About Who You Are

  Discover Your Inner Truth, Clear Karmic Blocks, and Lead a Divinely Aligned Life 

Welcome To Soul Activism - Akashic Records Readings

Soul Activism opens the door for radical, spiritual self-love.

Soul Activism is an intuitive, psychic reading using the Akashic Records. Providing the seeker with the knowledge about who they are at Soul Level.

This Means Learning About Your Unique

  • Soul Gifts 

  • Abilities

  • Challenges

  • AND Purpose

Supported with tools for soul expression and empowered decision-making, Soul Activism Akashic Records Readings are about learning how to step into your life with greater integrity and authenticity.


Soul Activism Intuitive readings support you in taking action on your soul's gifts, and creating space for radical, spiritual self-love. Become a Soul Activist, and empower yourself to step into alignment with your soul structure and purpose to create a divinely aligned life.

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Meet Your Psychic Zan Dean

Hello, My name is Zan Dean. I have been offering Soul Activism Psychic Akashic Records readings in Asheville NC for over four years. In that time I have done hundreds of psychic readings for individuals in the community, offering intuitive guidance to those seeking spiritual aid. I have also used the knowledge in the records to overcome many personal life challenges since my discovery. It has saved my marriage. It has guided me into deeper alignment with my purpose. But most of all, it has given me concrete confidence in who I am as a soul, an intuitive, and a human seeking to have a greater impact in the world.
Now I offer this work to you so that you may have the opportunity to discover your deepest, unshakable self.
I invite you to take the leap! Discover who you are at Soul Level. Embrace the opportunity for new actions and intentionally create change in your life.
There is no better time than right NOW to start embracing your soul's gifts.
So if you feel called... Answer.

Zan Dean

Zan is a professional Psychic, Mystic, and Akashic Records Reader located in Asheville North Carolina. She is currently only offering readings via conference call on Saturdays as she develops her intuitive skillset.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Your Money Back

* I stand by the quality of this work 100%. Due to the highly in depth nature of this reading, all refund requests must be made within five days of receiving the session. 


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  '' This (akashic records) method has the ability to open new worlds and focus on the true will"  

            The information that Zan presented to me was amazingly accurate and insightful. I have been reading tarot cards for many years, but the information she was able to retrieve was astounding. I found the past life information very helpful as it matched many of my life's issues. Knowing more about my spiritual goals and life's journey was also very reassuring. In a moment where my path seemed so uncertain it was a great help to have Zan's insights into the Akashic Records and spiritual realms. This method has the ability to open new worlds and focus on the true will, an aid to true seekers for sure.

- Cassidy Cane

What are the Akashic Records?

Akashic Records readings are the most accurate and soul-enriching type of Intuitive reading available in today's psychic and self-awareness community.

​The Akashic Records store the information of who we are at our deepest, soul essence. Akin to an energetic 'internet,' it is a system that collects each soul's blueprint and records every action, thought, word, or desire that has existed on earth.  The Akashic Records have the remarkable capacity to dive into some of the most profound nuances of who we are as spiritual beings. 


Akashic Record readings are a transformative and exciting way of discovering your soul's gifts, challenges, and unique abilities and can help you get clear about your soul's evolution. These readings are designed to empower your awareness and understanding of what it means to be human and thus assist you in searching for self-identity and fulfillment.

It is through The Akashic Records, I access the expansive information available in your Soul Activism reading.


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  '' You’ve given me insight and inspiration to care for myself at a soul level with soul activism akashic records reading"  

            Thank you, Zan. You’ve given me insight and inspiration to care for myself at a soul level. In a world pulling me in every direction, your readings are like a peaceful beacon to assist me in my journey. I know this work has already created some significant positive impacts on how I spend my energy and time. I look forward to working with you in the future. And I have already recommended you to some of my dearest friends.

- Rachel Barber

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Readings are delivered via interactive conference call and recorded for you to keep!
Delivered to your inbox in a downloadable mp3 within 24hrs after your reading session.

What is the akashic records reading process like?

Soul Activism readings are superpowered Akashic Records readings

These readings are highly individualized sessions where we will explore your soul's journey and life purpose.

By unlocking the patterns of lifetimes, we can shift and heal core wounds and behaviors that you recreate no matter how hard you try to break them. In other words, we will awaken the power to heal your karma drama.​

You are supported in processing all the information that arises and harnessing it to form a practical divine activation plan. Giving you a set of tools that you can implement during any future challenge.

Soul Activism Akashic Records Readings provide:

  • Soul Nourishment by Discovering Your SOUL PURPOSE, GIFTS & ABILITIES

  • Soul Healing by CLEARING BLOCKS





The information available in your Soul Activism reading is a recipe for transformation and radical self-love.​​

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discover more about akashic records

  " I feel more empowered, more in control, and more aware than I ever have been"  

            This was an incredible experience. I was in a very dark place and wholly confused and miserable. I received so much information at once--and though I am still adjusting to all of it, the key elements brought me to my senses. I got not only insight into what brings my soul abundance but also key lifetimes where certain issues I fight with today were made clear to me. The real thing that helped me the most, however, was a karmic clearing of this outdated belief that to gain happiness, I must make sacrifices, whether it involves me, or even others. Ridding this karmic imprint has given my soul more room to grow, it may not be all right away, but with careful programming, I am convinced I will succeed in grounding myself. I feel more empowered, more in control, and more aware than I ever have been since I initially awoke. Thanks to Zan, I was able to have what my bf calls a "second awakening". I look forward to whatever lies ahead. Thank you again, Zan you are amazing!

- Kristi

There are three core parts of this reading. Soul Nourishment, Soul Healing, and The Divine Action Plan.

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Soul Nourishment

Provides details about the Structure of your Soul. This information is the key to understanding who you are as a divine being. We learn specifics about how you manifest and the most aligned route to abundance. The Structure of your soul also speaks to your purpose, inherent challenges, and any special abilities to support you. We will go into great detail about the magnificence of your gifts, and I will help you embrace your beautiful, divine traits.

Soul Healing

Provides information about past life and present life blocks and restrictions that hold you back from living divine truth. We discover karmic stories that are recreated in this lifetime that are perpetuating negative karmic experiences. We unlock the core energy of each past karmic choice, so you can understand the patterns, understand the evolution of your soul, and unveil the truth - supporting transformation to align to a divinely guided life. 


The Divine Action Plan

Uses all the information we have gathered - who you are and what energies support your abundance - and the misaligned karma-creating blocks - to generate a clear and decisive action plan to shift the lifetimes of built-up negative karma. We use the powerful tools of transformation I have learned to create a plan of action that puts you into alignment with your deepest, unshakeable soul self.



Soul Truth - Negative Karma  =  Divine Alignment + Abundance

What happens during the Akashic Records Reading?


akashic records reading

  '' I really feel like I have a new lease on life and specific tasks to support my growth."  

            This reading was exceptional! Spot on and so beneficial. The simplicity and clarity of my reading was beautifully facilitated by Zan. I really feel like I have a new lease on life and specific tasks to support my growth. I highly recommend this process!!!!

- Lennie

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soul activism akashic records readings with zan dean in asheville nc

Soul Activism Akashic Records Reading
( 1.5 HOURS of Content)

Let's Be REAL,
The Impact of This Knowledge Is MORE Than We Can Imagine

You Get:

  • Specific and Accurate Insight (or your money BACK)
  • Your Souls Gifts & Abilities
  • Your Souls Unique PURPOSE
  • Soul Challenges & TOOLS TO NAVIGATE THEM
  • Past Life Blocks & Karma CLEARED
  • A Divine Aligned Action Plan (That can be adjusted to meet any new challenge)
  •   Your Reading Call Is Audio Recorded as an MP3 for you to KEEP forever!  

Usually for the HIGH price of:         Lifetimes of Trial and Error

Now Only

$300 USD

trust in secure payment for akashic records readings near me in asheville nc

Thank You Beautiful Soul,

Your power is needed right now. This work is about healing and action.

Soul work is not magical or secretive; it's simple, straightforward, and powerful.

What is the point of intuitive information if we cannot use it to make our lives better? 


Activate Your Soul, Activate Your Purpose, and become a Soul Activist.

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zan dean psychic asheville.webp

Zan Dean

Blessings of Infinite Joy,

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