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Zan Dean

Zan Dean –
Akashic Records Reader

Zan Dean is a mystic and intuitive who has been a practicing psychic for over fifteen years. She has studied an eclectic blend of metaphysical healing modalities, self-reflection, and action-generating tools to support herself and others in exploring all that this beautiful world has to offer. Certified in Soul Realignment Akashic Records Reading in 2017, she has read the records of hundreds of souls, supporting seekers in traversing life's challenges. 

Zan has created Soul Activism, which utilizes the many intuitive and radically empowering tools she has learned, alongside Akashic Records readings, to create an effective, transformative, action-based intuitive reading. Zan offers this work to you, so you may also benefit from support and guidance to awaken your divine nature.


Join Zan and the many others who have gained confidence in who they are as sacred souls, humans seeking to impact their lives and the world significantly. To honor yourself as a Soul Activist, creating the life you desire, contact Zan today!

Find me in Asheville North Carolina

Zan Dean currently reads in Asheville, NC at various locations. 

  •  Find her reading at Spiritual Fusions Psychic Expo at their quarterly events.

            Come and Join in the fun and explore the many different mystics, psychic and energy healers at Spiritual Fusions. With events in Asheville, NC. Greer, SC. and Colombia, SC. 

  • You can also book an in-person reading at ZenInk Tattoo and Metaphysical Shop on Saturdays

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Check out my All-Levels Tarot Course!


Zan has extensive experience and qualifications in the following disciplines:

  • Soul Realignment Practitioner level 1,2 and 3

  • Manifesting Blueprint Certified

  • Reading the Future in the Akashic Records Certified

  • Reiki level 1,2 and Master Certified

  • 15 Years Reading Tarot

Areas covered include:
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Love and Relationships




Career: New Opportunities and Promotion


Guidance for Future Goals and Desires



Inner Growth and Spiritual Development 


All sessions are done via Conference Call. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


More Testimonials

            Zan is very organized, has a definite flow and reiterates important parts of the reading that really matter. I know now I am meant to focus on harmony rather than truth. This is very relieving to me. She seems to really know what she is talking about, very expert about it. Thank you for reading and updating! I really feel great. ​

- Eyan

soul activism testimonials

            It was a profound spiritually enriching experience for me. The reading was perfectly personal, in depth and led me on a path of some new inner work in my life. I truly believe Zan has a natural talent for intuition, guidance and counsel. This reading left me glowing! I was surprised to learn about past lives, present influences and she was able to answer all questions. Many of my friends want readings done as well. Many thanks to Zan for this mesmerizing life changing experience!

- Sage K.


Hello Beautiful Soul! Soul Activism Readings are scheduled in the booking tab and take place over Conference Call.

In person readings may be scheduled if you are local to Asheville, North Carolina.

If you want to see if Soul Activism Akashic Records Readings are right for you, or if you have any questions about this service please reach out!

For more information, please fill out the following contact form:
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Alternatively you can email :
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