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The Fundamental Elements of Tarot

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This course is built to help you learn the fundamental elements of Tarot. Gone are the days of constantly referencing the book for meanings of the cards. This method can help you to get off book, read the symbolism present in each card and draw from your own unique perspective in your readings. This course is filled with tips and tricks to help you become an empowered and accurate reader. From the dynamic use of symbols, to discovering the power of access points, questions and spreads this course is a game changer for those looking to level-up their reading skills and give smooth and accurate readings. An empowered addition to readers of any level, this course can help you level up your reading skills and ability. In this course, you will learn: The core symbolism in the Tarot How to get off book How to be an effective and accurate reader How to start your own unique reference sheet of meanings and symbolism Who this course is for: Beginner, intermediate and advanced Tarot readers Anyone with the desire to read Tarot off book and learn a method other than memorization

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