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psychic development asheville North Carolina



psychic development asheville

Embrace your inner truth and power.

Expand your innate abilities.

Embody the empowered psychic within.

About The Psychic Development Class

Psychic Development - is a six week course held in Asheville North Carolina built for individuals seeking to awaken their gifts to embrace, expand and embody their abilities on a deeper level. 

This course will help you explore the foundations of psychic development, including intuitive skills, techniques and tools. You'll also discover how to use psychic techniques as a foundation for further development.

 In this course, we'll look at psychic development as a skill set—something you can work on and develop. We'll discuss the tools, techniques and practices that will help you hone in on your intuitive gifts, so that one day soon you'll be able to use them effortlessly.

This is an all levels class designed for people who have just begun to explore their abilities or want to deepen their practice.

psychic development group classes in asheville north carolina

Guided Psychic Development In Group

Guided in-group training is unlike any other learning style. In person classes enable practitioners to have a powerful one of a kind experience that leverages your natural abilities of empathy. This creates a solid sense - and practice - of how psychic and intuitive readings function on a somatic level. 

How to Develop Psychic Abilities and Powers

This six week course is built to develop your abilities through a series of experiential exercises. These exercises are akin to what every psychic school teaches. Likewise these teaching lay the foundational practice for any professional or adept psychic.

Six Week Intuitive and Psychic Schooling Intensive

Traditional psychic schools are few and far between - and much of the information is gatekept and protected by those tight knit communities. When you find them the teachings are still often hidden behind an impressive paywall. Right here in Asheville North Carolina, I am offering an accessible six week program to bring the basics to those seeking power.

Psychic Development Circle Opportunity

Creating a psychic development circle with long term study opportunities is the long term vision for this endeavor. Truly my goal is to gather a group of passionate individuals seeking to Embrace Expand and Embody their gifts.

inuitive abilities workshop in asheville north carolina
Join the Course


Are you ready to take your spiritual journey to the next level?

Embrace psychic development tools and techniques that offer a wide range of ways to connect with and empower your intuitive abilities.

Expand your experience with this compilation of grounding and cleansing tools, as well as psychic techniques to be able to perform readings.

Embody your gifts and empower your mind and extrasensory abilities to become a powerful healer.


This course is great for any experience level and it will support you in developing your extra sensory powers.

Join me and hone your intuitive power in this intentional group setting. Work in a safe container to get to know your abilities. You will be supported in learning both expansion, discipline, trust and respect for your intuitive process.

psychic development training in asheville north carolina

Group Psychic Development Experiences

Group experiences are Unique, Profound and Deeply Empowering. Building Confidence in a development group is a once in a lifetime experience that can enhance your abilities and propel you strides ahead in your practice. 
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Meet Your Psychic Ability Instructor

Zan dean psyhic reading and teacher in asheville north carolina

Hello, My name is Zan Dean. I have been a professional psychic for five years and I have performed hundreds of psychic intuitive readings.

I have studied and practiced psychic development techniques since I was first introduced to power - when I received my first psychic reading at twelve years old.


I was not born skilled - I have spent my entire life developing my abilities -  but I was born with the same power inherent in us all.

I had drive and passion, but most of all, I learned practices and techniques that are tried and true paths to power. 

Now I offer this work to you so that you may have the opportunity to Embrace, Expand and Embody your own innate power.

There is no better time than right NOW to start embracing your soul's gifts.

So if you feel called... Answer.

Zan Dean



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Week 1: 

 Intro to Intuition - Building Foundations and Frames of Reference

  • Meeting Your Intuition

  • Embracing the Imaginative Center

  • Emotional Intelligence: A Pillar of Understanding

  • The Landscape of The Etheric Dimensions

professional akashic records reader asheville north carolina

 Learn The Intuition Super-Hack 

learn about psychic skills in asheville

Week 2: 

Grounding - Discernment, Boundaries + The Formula for Accuracy

  • Initiating Control of Your Power

  • The Pillars of Neutrality and Objectivity 

  • Boundaries and Safety

  • Expectations and Projection Checks

akashic records professional reader

 Learn The Key To Consistent Accuracy 

learn psychic skills asheville

Week 3: 

Accessing Sources of Power - Attuning to Divine Will and Life Force    

  • Critical Thinking - The Psychics Blessing

  • Building Supportive Belief Systems

  • The Divine Will - Where Our Power Comes From

psychic in asheville north carolina

 Learn How To Run Energy and Connect to Cosmic Power

learn about psychics in asheville

Week 4: 

The Temple - Building Inner Dimensions Of Power 

  • Meditation - What it is and How to Hack It

  • Brainwave Science and The Power of Our Minds

  • Building The Inner Temple 

professional psychic teaches courses

 Learn How To Construct The Seat Of Your Power 

develop psychic skills asheville

Week 5: 

Channeling - Intentionally Connecting to Information 

  • Building Your Technique Tool Box

  • Channeling Intentionally

  • Listening and The Power of Interpretation

learn from professional psychic

 Learn The Psychic Power Parlor Trick 

discover psychic skills asheville

Week 6: 

Practices - Performing A Psychic Reading

  • The Step by Step Reading Process

  • Techniques and Applications

  • Self Healing Practices

psychic services asheville north carolina

 Learn How to Continuously Expand Your Potential

Your Investment


Hello Beautiful Soul,

You have power within you.

You have known for a long time that there is a seed of power within that is craving expression.

All you need is a clear path forward to Embrace, Expand and Embody your own innate power.

I invite you to take the path to power...

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