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soul activism intuitive reading

Soul Activism 

One 90 minute Session  - $300

* This Reading Is A Necessary Precursor To All Other Readings

You Get:

This work is a one-on-one session where you are guided into understanding your soul's purpose, gifts, and challenges, and how to use that rich information to step into sustainable alignment. You are supported in processing that information and harnessing it to form a divine activation plan that is as effective - and actionable - as possible. Giving you a set of tools that you can implement during any future challenge.


Provides details about the Structure of your Soul. This information is the key to understanding who you are as a divine being. We learn specifics about how you manifest and the most aligned route to abundance. The Structure of your soul also speaks to your purpose, inherent challenges, and any special abilities to support you. We will go into great detail about the magnificence of your gifts, and I will help you embrace your beautiful, divine traits.


Provides information about past life and present life blocks and restrictions that hold you back from living divine truth. We discover karmic stories that are recreated in this lifetime that are perpetuating negative karmic experiences. We unlock the core energy of each past karmic choice, so you can understand the patterns, understand the evolution of your soul, and unveil the truth - supporting transformation to align to a divinely guided life. 



Uses all the information we have gathered - who you are and what energies support your abundance - and the misaligned karma-creating blocks - to generate a clear and decisive action plan to shift the lifetimes of built-up negative karma. We use the powerful tools of transformation I have learned to create a plan of action that puts you into alignment with your deepest, unshakeable soul self.

Soul Activism Soul Realignment Akashic Records Psychic Reading
akashic records reading

Soul Situation

One 60 minute Session  - $200

You Get:

Is a specific problem really hindering your growth or just bothersome in your experience? Maybe everything feels like a mess.

The truth is, ISH HAPPENS. We all know new things happen that can leave us not knowing what to do. 

This reading is to build an understanding of the karmic choices that created the unwanted outcome. Learn about the blocks and restrictions that may be affecting you in a specific situation. Clear and move forward with aligned new choices to create new results!

This is reading acts as a follow-up session as new things in life occur and points out any remaining resistance or blocks. Often when we embark on new and life-changing choices we also come upon resistance, any things that are not quite in alignment, come back to bite us in the ass, so to speak. This reading is geared towards clearing and dealing with present life issues that are affecting the client negatively right now!


Provides details about the past life and present life karmic blocks and restrictions affecting the current situation. Focusing on present life complications including, hooks, cords, negative beliefs, and more. We unpack and process present life karma, and who knows? Maybe more past-life karma drama has arisen? This just means you are ready to do more work and healing!


We clear all the karma associated with the current situation and recall the power and strengths inherent in your soul structure.


We activate an action plan, in pure alignment with your soul structure. I use a variety of tools and perspectives to support you in generating the necessary change to shift into your deeper unshakeable soul self. You are fully supported in processing the information and walk away with a clear plan of action.

* Get The Soul Activism Reading First In Order To Book Additional Work

Soul Situation Psychic Reading
spirit guide reading

Spirit Guide Consultation

One 120 minute Session - $500

You Get:

The Spirit Guide Consultation is an opportunity to meet your Spirit Guides. This specialized reading is built to familiarize you with your Spirit Guide team. My vision is to get you intimately acquainted with their influence so you can determine for yourself when they are connecting with you and interpret their advice for yourself. No other intuitive or outside authority is necessary. Having a framework for speaking to your most potent spiritual allies can increase your intuition, offer expanding awareness of the ethereal and heighten your ability to make aligned choices utilizing their advice.


We go over in-depth who is in your guide team and how they advise you! This is the layout of your Spirit Guide Team and how many guides you have. Including learning the soul structure of each of your guides, which is their unique gifts and abilities! ALSO how that translates into their unique power to give you support in certain areas of your life. We also discover the method and sensation of communication they use to reach you.​ Yes - That means how they talk to you and how you can know for certain when they are! 


You also get a specific and direct message from your guides! This will be the current advice that they have for you regarding your goals and visions. These messages are given specifically for you to hear so that you grow deeper into trust with their support and love for you. They want to communicate with you, and if you feel called to this reading, they want to create a direct line of communication with you.



This is where we brainstorm ways for you to communicate with them on a regular basis in a way that fits in with your lifestyle and needs. Likewise, we discuss implementing the advice that they have for you as it aligns with your soul structure. You are fully supported in processing this information and walking away with a clear and decisive action plan.

* Get The Soul Activism Reading First In Order To Book Additional Work

Spirit Guide Consultation Psycic Reading
psychic relationship reading

Soul Relationship

One 90 minute Session - 150 $

Have you ever wondered if you knew someone in a past life? Discover the soul dynamics between you and your partner, mother, friend, lover, or spouse. This reading covers every aspect of how our souls work together, create drama and issues, and work through past lifeblocks and circumstances together. Learn about the complexities of the relationship, and heal past life karma drama with your loved one.



Provides information about you and your loved one's Soul Structure and how they interact together. That means we talk about their unique gifts and abilities - which may shed light on peculiarities and habits. It can also tell us how we can best love and support them! We also cover how many lives you have lived together and the context in which that past life relationship took place. This process also unveils any negative karma in the relationship from past life drama that may still be lingering around.  


You learn the life lessons that the relationship is formatted around. What life lesson does this relationship offer for you? What about for them?  We will also dive deeper into the potential present and past life karma between you and your loved one. 



We consider the entire dynamic, clear and heal the karma, and work on a plan of interaction that can support the success of the realtionship. 

  *This reading is particularly great for parents wishing to understand the soul structure and present karma of their children.   

You Get:

* Get The Soul Activism Reading First In Order To Book Additional Work

Soul Relationship Psychic Reading
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