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Asheville Psychic Expo & The Akashic Records Reading Process

Updated: Mar 25

Asheville North Carolina Spiritual Fusions Expo Psychic Toolkit

This weekend I sat as a reader at the Spiritual Fusions Psychic Expo in Asheville! This expo marked two years with Spiritual Fusions. It is such an honor to be a part of this community serving the western North Carolina Area in spiritual support. I am so glad to have the opportunity to bring my Soul Activism Akashic Records Reading practice to this community.

The Akashic Records Reading Process

People are often curious about what my reading process is like. Many people ask how I get the information from the Akashic Records. I don't use familiar tools like cards to support my psychic practice. To most, it seems I am pulling the information from thin air. While this is not precisely the case, I certainly understand how it can look that way! My tools are a pendulum and reading sheets because I am trained in the Soul Realignment modality. The pendulum and data sheets help me get particular information - which aids in my accuracy. However, my foundational practice for the Akashic Records reading process is the same as any psychic toolkit.

The Psychic Toolkit

The psychic toolkit includes the four foundational skill sets that work together to build up and support the intuitive process. While these skill-based tools are relatively common knowledge, the practice of putting them together in concert with one another is more gatekept. These elements are necessary to create the proper space for a psychic reading and is more so something that a psychic school would teach.

These four elements are the backbone of my practice. By drilling this toolkit I have created a consistent process that helps my accuracy, keeps me energetically healthy and safe, and enables me to read on command. Physical tools like cards and pendulums are very helpful for readers to use to guide reading and give it a clear plot line. However, the energetic tools support a reader multi-dimensionally. In many ways the psychic energetic toolkit is the backbone of any psychic reading practice. Here are the basic descriptions of each part of the four-element toolkit.


Centering is the process of gathering your attention into the present moment. It also may consist of bringing your energy back into yourself, into your body and disconnecting from outside forces. This might look like releasing pressures and expectations about how the reading will go. It also might look like acknowledging and setting aside concerns about daily life, like how your sweetheart is doing or if the bills are due. On a more egoic level this could also be pulling the empathic self out of and away from the people around you. Differentiating your energy from others and removing any aspects of other people's intentions, expectations and energies out of your personal space and energetic system. Once you feel settled into the present, and are embodied into your space you can move to the next step in the toolkit.


Grounding is the process of resonating your body's electromagnetic frequency to the earth's frequency. This can be done through the law of resonance by physically coming into contact with the earth, or it can be done as an energy work by directing your intention to the act. I prefer to imagine my heart's energy drawing a connection with the earth's center in some way. You can use colors, sensations, sounds or all of the above to create a multidimensional energetic experience of creating coherence with terrestrial energy. This is often referred to as a grounding cord and is often accompanied by the intention of drawing earth's energy up and into the heart or root chakra.

Running Energy:

By grounding yourself, you have become a conduit in the cosmic to terrestrial energetic circuit. You can use your imaginative mind again to complete the process and get energy moving through yourself. I often imagine some way of connecting my heart to the cosmos. This can be done using colors again, or a cord, of any symbology that works for you or comes to mind in the moment. Creativity is always your friend when it comes to intuitive processes. Especially when engaging the imaginative mind. Once you create a connection from your heart or crown to cosmic energy, you can also imagine drawing that energy down into your body. Often at this point people feel the energy ‘running’ like a faucet through them. If you don’t feel anything, try consciously running the energy either way, drawing down cosmic energy through yourself and into the earth, or vice versa. This energetic work is a great way to cleanse and clear your energy.

Sacred Space:

The final step in the foundational psychic toolkit is making sacred space. After being centered and present, grounding and full of cosmic energy and cleansed, you are ready to carve out an energetic container for yourself to do your psychic working within. Again, the imaginative mind and its inherent creativity is your friend in this intuitive process. You can imagine a landscape, a room, a temple or any space that is your reading space. You can set intentions for the safety of this space or manifest guardians to keep you safe here. I suggest using the full power of your imagination in this instance. Particularly in invoking your personal symbols of power. Whether that is in imagining a giant version of your kitten looming above to protect you, or a loved one who can serve as counselor at your side, making this experience uniquely yours is the main goal.


Following these steps and becoming familiar with the process is a powerful step in creating an intuitive practice! I urge you to develop your symbols of power and invoke them at every step of the process. Likewise, allow the symbols and imagery to shift and change.

These tools can also be used individually on occasion and can be very diverse. For example, grounding is great when you feel stressed out or overwhelmed or even a little all over the place. Centering can be helpful if you feel like taking on someone else's energy or emotions. Or even if you feel like someone is trying to influence you or push you around. Running energy is perfect for clearing and cleansing yourself if you are carrying too much. Finally, sacred space is infinitely helpful if you need to shift your perspective to a more mystical one, or you want to get in touch with your own higher self, or intuition, or connect with spirit guides or personal messages. While they can each be used alone, these tools work best together and in order.

I want to leave you with an empowered perspective. Everyone can be psychic. Everyone can perform their version of this psychic toolkit. You can grow your intuitive center with patience and a little practice. Energy work of this caliber has infinite benefits and can serve you in many ways in life. You may even be able to pull psychic information out of thin air!

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