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Learning to be Psychic: Top Five Books to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Updated: Mar 25

psychic development ashevill nc
five books to help develop your psychic abilities by Zan Dean

Last year I put together a Psychic Development Course. It was a powerful experience to step into the role of teacher, and honor the skills and methods that I have honed over my tenure of practice. I am very proud of the effort and intention that went into that course - and it drew the perfect group.

During my recent hiatus from psychic practice - I realized that I need to be more specific - and patient - for the right time to teach my course again. Having the right space to do this work is integral to the experience of my students and myself as a teacher.

The moment that I choose to teach again - I will let you all know! However until then I have compiled a list of books that I would highly recommend to anyone who is seeking a path towards power.

Offering Wisdom and Experience to The Psychic Development Process

There are many psychic how-to books out there. There are about as many books as there are ways to practice! With this work, however, it is just as important to cultivate critical thinking as it is to open your third eye. Without critical thinking - or wisdom - the information that we gather is rendered meaningless! Or worse - an illusory projection of stray intentions. So, while there are many different ways to practice, I have developed an educated opinion on the styles and techniques common to the field. These opinions are based on my critical thinking and wisdom with this work - and as such I implore you to develop your own wisdom and critical thinking on the subject. Below are my top five books to develop your psychic abilities.

The Top Five Books to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

by Jose Silva

develop your psychic abilities recommended by Zan Dean

This book takes on the task of unraveling the power of the mind, the brain, and consciousness. Using the science of brain wave frequencies, Jose Silva has developed a method of essentially hacking into our own subconscious and utilizing the resting power of our minds for the good of ourselves, and others. While the book itself is not put into a psychic context, there is no better foundation builder than the meditation techniques held within. Use this book to develop control over your own mind - and likewise better control over your psychic faculties. There is also an in-depth audio book course with over 60 hours of content. I recommend the book foremost, but if you have the time and dedication to take the course, it will transform your life for the better.

by Deborah Lynne Katz

you are psychic by debra ann katz

Debra does an incredible job of supporting practitioners in building a solid foundation for their psychic practice. Through time tested techniques taught in psychic schools and gatekept traditions, Debra both shares lessons in power and uplifts the reader, enhancing the confidence and skills of the fledgling psychic. This book is also a powerful refresher for adept practitioners. Building a secure and disciplined practice in psychic protocols, developing clairs, and expanding your practice. She has additional books in this series, Extraordinary Psychic, Freeing the Genie Within, and Associative Remote Viewing.

by Carolyn Myss

anatomy of the spirit by carolyn myss

Carolyn Myss is a powerhouse in the metaphysical self help community. She has a massive series of works that explore the power of the human experience. Anatomy of The Spirit explores the practice of developing a kind of psychic sight, that enables the practitioner to read the human body, its ails, and be guided towards healing. This book lays out a system of thought that considers all of our bodies, mental, emotional, psychic, energetic and physical, when developing a path towards healing. Empowering and thought provoking, this book lays a foundation of both power and responsibility for the reader. While some of the elements can be disarming, and even throw you into a rage, this book is an important piece to becoming the Divine Creator of your own experience. And therefore a powerhouse psychic in your own right. Other works by Myss include, Sacred Contracts, Entering the Castle, Energy Anatomy, and Invisible Acts of Power, among others.

by B.K.S Iyengar

light on life by iyengar

Light on Life helps to answer the question: Why? Why bother with processes towards enlightenment, power, consciousness development and development of psychic awareness? A foundational piece of work by the masterful Yogi Iyengar, who helped to bring the practice of yoga to the western world, Light on Life explores the meaning of consciousness, the point of enlightenment, and the power of meditation. In some ways accidentally stumbling upon some of the more profound practices of psychic development protocols, Iyengar explains the inner dimensions of the human experience with ease and grace. This book is sure to aid in deepening the experience of the inner temple, and subsequently a practitioners meditation practice.

by Ted Andrews

Wandering into the metaphysical or occult sections of the bookstore you will surely find many titles that begin with "How To". Many of these books are written without very much depth, and by people with little to no experience. While these books are often gateways to deeper and more significant works, Ted Andrews series stands apart. Andrews was a practicing American psychic and renowned metaphysical author for over 30 years. His books are filled to the brim with valuable context, and grounded practices, on many specific subjects that may be of interested to the practitioner. Rather than prattling on about the subject, Andrews dives right into how to develop these skills in practical and no uncertain terms. Use these books to develop specific skills and specialties of interest. The link above guides you to the Llewellyn authors page, and includes articles written by Andrews along with links to purchase any of his works.

How to use these books to develop your psychic practice

Developing psychic abilities and enhancing spiritual practice is one of the most rewarding things that we can do with our time on earth. Beginning this process is daunting. Even continuing this practice and questing to learn and grow consistently, is daunting. There are many reasons that this is true, from social exclusion, cultural repression, conflicting ideologies and more. One thing is for certain, there are challenging aspects to being a part of this community.

The metaphysical community can draw in quite a spectrum of characters. It is through the very nature of metaphysics, or studies of the ethereal, incorporeal world, that it attracts the diverse and unhinged. In an ethereal reality, their are no bounds, no anchors, no limits. Many people seeking escapism are drawn to the far-out concepts and possibilities of this etheric reality. Precisely because of this boundlessness, it can be a magnet for the controversial, the conspiracy, and the downright dangerous cult manifesto. Individuals perpetuating these concepts, without bounds, restrictions or limitations, can inevitably project their delusions, and illusory beliefs into this space, this community, and the culture surrounding it.

Psychic practice itself involves learning how to traverse this boundless, etheric world. When practitioners open themselves up to the metaphysical world, the metaphysical community, they can become entrenched in some of the delusions and projections of potentially dangerous characters working in this field. Not to say that the potential harm is intentional, but rather incidental to individuals running mythic level delusions unbound by the constraints of the physical. It is of utmost importance to develop clear boundaries, anchors, and critical thinking skills when interacting with the metaphysical community.

These book recommendations will support the practitioner in developing a clear and grounded practice foundation. Building up the confidence and critical thinking skills required to enter the metaphysical community. However, my top five books to develop psychic abilities is just the start of the journey. I always recommend psychics to continue to develop their foundational systems, through reading and practice, to become the most powerful psychic they can be.

Blessings of Infinite Joy - and don't hesitate to reach out with questions.

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